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'Young Charlie' podcast explores a different side of Manson — a kid before a murderer

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The Cord Cutter Podcast #24: The Punisher

3:00 – News 9:51 – The Weekly Queue (New Girl) 13:20 – The Punisher (Spoilers!) 13:26 – Is 13 hours too long for The Punisher story? 16:37 – Is the final fight the best of Marvel’s series? 19:10 – Changes to Billy Russo from the comics 24:26 – The Micro/Frank dynamic 30:11 – Best character of the series? 33:16 – ...

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The BoF Podcast Episode 13: Why Health and Wellness Is the Fashion Industry's Biggest New Competitor

“Feeling good is the new looking good.” That was the mantra in the air at VOICES 2016, as entrepreneurs from the fields of health and wellness — including Jason Wachob, Amanda Chantal Bacon, Dr. Nigma Talib and Neil Grimmer. Subscribe to BoF Professional for unlimited access to BoF articles, plus exclusive benefits for members. Let’s block ads!

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