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Seattle’s KEXP to Play Every Sub Pop Record Ever

Independent Seattle radio station KEXP plans on paying homage to local label Sub Pop beginning March 12. The station will play every single Sub Pop catalog number over the next four months in the lead-up to the label’s 30th anniversary. “This is going to be a really fun, completely self-inflicted pain in the ass,” said John Richards, host of “The ...

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Why ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ is an empowering feminist movie: ‘Everyone has a role to play in this world’

Released back in 1962, A Wrinkle In Time is regarded as one of the most important sci-fi novels of the last 60 years. But it is a story that Hollywood has never been able to crack, as Meg Murry’s intergalactic pursuit of her missing father with the help of three astral travelers has always seemed too dense and complicated for ...

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Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman on what it means to play 'Good Girls'

“They’re not stereotypes of ‘oh, three Midwestern mom-wives,'” Hendricks adds. “They’re not these sheltered, small-minded women.” The show, she adds, highlights the legerdemain displayed by the characters juggling formidable stressors before things got crazy. “The complexities of that stuff that nobody really appreciated,” says Hendricks, illuminates the women’s, “everyday strength … I just think women are going to relate.'” Let’s ...

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For Margot Robbie and Allison Janney, personal versions of the truth play out in 'I, Tonya'

“I, Tonya,” the Craig Gillespie-directed biopic about Tonya Harding, the figure skater banned from competition for life for her connection to a 1994 attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan, has brought its stars — Margot Robbie, who plays an unsinkable Harding, and Allison Janney, as her sharp-tongued mother, LaVona — Oscar nominations, critical acclaim and, not surprisingly, a newfound love ...

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Ironic Subtext in Play at Fendi

MILAN, Italy — The presence of young Hollywood aristocrats like Tommy Dorfman (“13 Reasons Why”) and Sasha Lane (“American Honey”) in the front row at Fendi on Thursday morning was incongruous in the light of a collection that so resolutely shelved the house’s oftimes flirtation with eccentric futurism in favour of the stolidly bourgeois.

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