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WATCH: The gory moment a bird hits plane only for THIS to happen

Birds frequently collide with aircrafts, often with deadly consequences for the flying creatures. However, it was something new altogether when a bird hit an American Airlines flight earlier this week. The Airbus A319 was bound for Miami from Mexico City when its nose, the front end of the plane, slammed into the large bird. Although the collision did not affect ...

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PICTURES: Flybe plane CRASH LANDS at Belfast airport after technical problems

The Flybe plane crashed at Belfast International Airport at around 13:30 earlier today. The BE331 flight was flying from Belfast City Airport to Inverness, carrying fifty-two passengers and four crew members. It was diverted after experiencing technical issues, forcing it to be held above the Irish Sea for more than an hour. After this, the flight was forced to land ...

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Flight secrets: Can you get sunburnt whilst on a plane?

Flights can cause a lot of health problems for passengers such as DVT and migraines. With the changes in pressure and high altitude, it comes as no surprise that the body can struggle to adjust. What many may not realise is that being closer to the sun, passengers be affected by the UV rays during a flight. Therefore putting on ...

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