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How Sex Makes You A Happier And Healthier Person

Whenever you have good sex, you likely experience a mix of emotional and physical effects ― both during the act and after you’re finished. Not only does sex and orgasming feel incredible, it’s also amazing for your health and well-being. Researchers and sex therapists constantly sing the praises of regular sex, an… Health

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Stephen Colbert Brought Back the Perfect Person to Respond to Michelle Wolf

This weekend, comedian Michelle Wolf got on stage in front of the media and conservative establishment at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and burned it all down. The president might not have been there, but she did her job—pissing off the administration and spineless members of the media alike. Advertisement – Continue Reading… Entertainment – Esquire

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Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Is The First Sober Person I've Heard Doing ‘Drunk History’

“Normally, when Trump has a bad day we know Trump watches ‘Fox & Friends’ and yells at the TV, but today he did the same thing but we all got to listen in,” Noah said on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Daily Show.”  After dissecting some of the strangest bits of the interview, including Trump’s admission that he hadn’t bought first ...

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