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Google Maps: Two people photographed doing something odd on the pavement

Google Maps street view tool has captured a variety of everyday behaviour from around the work since it launched in 2005. From citizens being snapped when they thought nobody was looking to spooky situating suggesting alien existence, Google captures everything. Now two people have been photographed laying on the pavement – but what are they doing? The footage was taken ...

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Pretty Purple Outfits People Profusely Prefer

We’d apologize for talking about purple as the coolest spring trend around, but it wouldn’t be sincere. The truth is that we are completely smitten with the hue in everything from skirts to denim to shoes and back again. At first… Celebrity Style and Fashion Trend Coverage | http://www.whowhatwear.com

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People of the Year awards honour Irish ‘ledgebags’ of the year

The Beast from the East is, when you think about it, a suitably titled nemesis for The People of the Year. The 43rd so-titled awards show was among many events postponed due to that mischievous, self-aggrandising icecapade back in March. Ironically, that snowstorm allowed more opportunities for altruism in our communities and the event was rescheduled to Sunday (RTÉ1) this ...

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