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‘Twin Peaks’ Finale Recap: The Story Ends — Forever? — with a Mystifying, Entrancing Finish

“What the f—k just happened?” asks one cowboy to another, when an FBI agent named Dale Cooper — or is it Richard? — disarms them, deep-fries their guns, and then at gunpoint, courteously asks the waitress write down an address. It’s a question that applies to most of the “Twin Peaks: The Return” finale, which ended with a sky-shattering, ground-shaking, ...

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Twin Peaks Made Some Of Its Biggest And Craziest Reveals Yet

For months now, Sundays have provided TV fans the gobsmackiest evening of the week thanks to the symphonic chaos that is Twin Peaks, and tonight’s “Part 14” was one of the most interesting installments yet, with one big reveal after another tying together the different dreams-within-dreams and otherworldly realms that David Lynchso masterfully inhabits. In true Twin Peaks fashion, big ...

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