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Sunburn: How to avoid the painful condition in hot weather

The MET Office has forecast highs of 24C in the capital over the weekend, with weather set to be “dry, warm and sunny for most.” It’s unlikely that there will be many clouds, meaning it could be time to whip out the sun-protection gear. Although the condition is generally short-lived, it can increase your risk of skin cancer and wrinkles… ...

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Arthritis: ‘Clicking’ and ‘popping’ joints could be a sign of PAINFUL condition

Arthritis symptoms include inflammation, red skin over joints, and joint stiffness. But, the public has been urged to take action, if their joints are popping and clicking, alongside pain. It came after a survey revealed 60 per cent of Brits do nothing about snapping joints. Joints can creak and click when cartilage degenerates, and it’s no longer protected from friction. ...

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