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What Once Upon A Time's Regina Thinks About The Character's Ending

Regina’s journey marks one of Once Upon a Time‘s most sweeping arcs. Rumple/Gold and Regina both underwent incredible transformations, from being conflicted villains to anti-heroes, to full-blown good guys. The power of love was always in full force, and Regina’s ending definitely pays tribute to that recurring theme. Of course, as Lana Parrilla points out, it is not really Regina’s ...

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Kate Middleton once did this surprising activity while in Canada with Prince William

Kate Middleton, 36, has travelled around the world with her husband Prince William, 35. On behalf of the royal family, the couple have visited a number of countries to promote good relations. The pair visited Canada in 2016 along with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Some of their activities were revealed on the latest documentary The Queen’s Green ...

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Weinstein Co., the once prominent indie studio, filed for bankruptcy with only $500,000 in cash

Weinstein Co.’s lengthy lineup of creditors includes the expected cadre of banks, production companies, attorneys and vendors. But the list also contains some surprises among the names, including the late David Bowie, Malia Obama (the former president’s daughter who interned for the company) and the right-wing outlet Breitbart News. New Zealand-born model Zoe Brock, who is part of a class-action ...

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