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Watch These High Schoolers Go Nuts When Chance the Rapper Surprises Them With Childish Gambino

Long before he was a hip-hop superstar with 2016’s Coloring Book, Chance the Rapper had been working tirelessly to help his hometown community in Chicago. In 2015, he launched an open mic night with his SocialWorks charity, which presents “a safe space for high schools students to share, express, and network with like-minded individuals.” It’s the same type of event ...

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Eating nuts makes you more intelligent, study finds

Nuts could improve brain function, which is linked to cognition, healing, learning and memory, according to researchers at Loma Linda University. Pistachios were the best nuts for improving cognitive processing and learning, the study claimed. It also found pistachios could help people retain information for longer. Sleep quality could also be improved by eating peanuts – which technically aren’t a ...

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