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Jeff Sessions Says There Is ‘No Reason to Doubt’ Roy Moore’s Accusers

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a House committee on Tuesday that he has “no reason to doubt” the women who have accused Roy Moore, running for Sessions’ old Senate seat, of pursuing sexual relations with them when they were teenagers. “I have no reason to doubt these young women,” Sessions said, but declined to comment on whether M… ...

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Film Review: ‘No Greater Love’

November 9, 2017 1:23AM PT A fascinating documentary directed by an Army chaplain who served with a storied battalion during bloody battles in Afghanistan Many soldiers, the fortunate ones, get to return home from war relatively unscathed. But others — the ones who saw things that can never be unseen and endured things that repeatedly return unbidden to their waking ...

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Amsterdam BANS any more tourist shops opening in the city to avoid ‘no respect’ tourists

Amsterdam welcomed over 17 million visitors last year, according to research by Colliers International,  up from 12 million visitors in 2011. Compared to the 850,000 residents who live there, it is a huge amount to welcome every year to a small city. However, it is now looking to prevent any more tourist shops – being those that sell any souvenirs ...

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Why Selena Gomez Feels Like She Has ‘No Friends’

Even Selena Gomez gets lonely. Sure, she’s the most-followed person on Instagram with over 100 million followers, and she has an A-list social circle that most of us would dream of, but she still experiences the same feelings of isolation that many people do. In a wide-ranging new interview with Business of Fashion, Gomez opened up her mental health: a ...

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PASSENGER BAN: Airlines to create ‘no fly’ list as drunken arrests SOAR

Airlines are to create “no fly” lists for unruly passengers who disrupt flights. The central government in India are the first country to implement the list to prevent flight attendants being attacked and flights being delayed. The list has three levels to determine how long the passenger will be banned from flying for. With the times ranging from three months ...

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Venice Film Review: ‘No Date, No Signature’

Courtesy of Venice Film Festival Obsession grips a forensics doctor convinced he may have caused a child’s death in “No Date, No Signature,” a handsomely made, exceptionally well-played drama that largely works despite a few significant plot holes. More tightly constructed than director

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