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LeBron James As Pennywise The Clown Is Your Halloween Nightmare Come To Life

If LeBron James was going for “terrifying” with his Halloween costume this year, he nailed it. The 6-foot-8, 250-pound Cleveland Cavaliers star dressed up as Pennywise the dancing clown, the villain from the Stephen King book and film, “IT,” for his annual Halloween bash. And as photographs and video from the party show, James was unrecognizable in the nightmarish … ...

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‘Tragedy Girls’: The Cast Reveals How the Film Is Every Family’s Worst Nightmare (Exclusive)

In the meantime, Hildebrand and Shipp are focused on preparing their families for the violence, sex and language splashed across the screen of Tragedy Girls. “There is a scene where I am seducing [co-star] Craig Robinson — I think my family would feel a little weird watching me seduce this older, established man,” Shipp admitted with a laugh, adding, “but ...

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Nightmare Before Christmas Fans Are Waiting In A Disneyland Line For An Hour, And It's Not For A Ride

That a few people might be really big Disneyland, or Nightmare Before Christmas, fans, as to have a need to own this particular product, wouldn’t be all that surprising. However, many of the actual rides at Disneyland don’t see lines that are an hour long. At least when you wait in line for a ride you have that amazing Disney ...

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