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Google Maps mystery: THIS Street View image has something disturbing lurking in it

Google Maps has enabled people all over the world to see sights they never thought possible.  But there are some images you might wish you didn’t see.  Street View captured a few disturbing additions to an otherwise ordinary scene on the outskirts of Mexico.  The image showed a two-lane road with several cars driving along it, headed in the opposite ...

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Google Maps mystery: Street View uncovers THIS creepy sight in a deserted field in Finland

Google Maps has provided countless entertaining images.  Street View moments caught in time reveal everything from the amusing to the downright bizarre.  One of the more creepy finds on Google Maps was captured in a field in Finland.  The image showed two small hut lodgings flanked by the curving edge of dense forest. Snow speckled the ground, which stretched flat ...

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Google Maps MYSTERY: No-one knows why THESE five places have been CENSORED

Most people assume that Google Maps lists every single street, city and country around the world. But there some mysterious places that don’t appear as they should. Five of the most mysteriously blurred-out places were revealed by Youtube user, Dark5, in a video. The information was uploaded in June 2016, and has been a viral sensation ever since. researched ...

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Necrotizing fasciitis cure? Century-old mystery of flesh-eating bacteria SOLVED

Finding a way to treat flesh-eating bacteria has been a 100-year-old mystery. But researchers may have discovered a way to cure the infectious disease, also called necrotizing fasciitis. In a study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists believe they are a step closer to combating the type of the flesh-eating disease caused by Group ...

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