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Movies you need to see before awards season

[unable to retrieve full-text content] … Maybe his just-announced Independent Spirit Award nomination will help push … of the big questions this awards season. They certainly deserve one … be serious about playing the Academy’s game, premiering the film … keeping in mind that the Oscars don’t have an …… Academy Awards News

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How ‘Disaster Artist's’ James Franco found art and heart in ‘The Room,’ the ‘Citizen Kane’ of bad movies

Four years ago, during the making of “The Interview,” the North Korea-provoking comedy that would go on to flirt notoriously with history in its own unpredictable, stranger-than-fiction ways, James Franco found the strange and vaguely Eastern European patois of cult movie icon Tommy Wiseau spilling out of his mouth. It was a distinctive,… ENTERTAINMENT – Los Angeles Times

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14 Movies Worth the Haul to the Multiplex in December 2017

Films interested in qualifying for next March’s Academy Awards must receive at least a token theatrical release before the end of 2017—meaning that this December is, per tradition, going to be absolutely overflowing with A-list projects. New movies from Steven Spielberg, P.T. Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Aaron Sorkin, and Alexander Payne will all arrive in multiplexes in the coming weeks, ...

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The 30 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

There’s no more festive time of year than Christmas, which over the years has been the backdrop for plenty of old-school classics and modern favorites that have gifted moviegoers with an abundance of warm-and-fuzzy cheer. When the trees go up, the lights start twinkling, and the egg nog starts flowing, there are a lot of opportunities to to get in ...

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12 Must-See Movies That Are Expiring From Netflix in November 2017

It’s the busiest movie season of the year, as multiplexes become overpopulated with awards hopefuls vying for attention from both critics and audiences alike. Nonetheless, cinephiles would be wise to keep one eye on Netflix, which—as usual—will be losing a handful of quality titles this December. They may not all be Oscar-worthy, but whether you’re looking for something to watch ...

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