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Ryanair flights update: Are there more strikes today? Airline announces delays

Ryanair shared the news with passengers via Twitter, apologising to those affected. They wrote: “ATC Update – German, French, Portuguese and Greek ATC staff shortages have caused delays to 79 (18%) of our 436 first wave of fight departures this morning. “We sincerely regret these unjustified delays and are doing our utmost to limit their impact on flights throughout the ...

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Holidays 2018: Duty free is now MORE expensive than online shopping

Duty free shopping has been revealed to not be as cheap as many British tourists might think. Rather than the airport being the place to bag the best deals, online shopping is now where the savings are to be found, new findings reveal. Research from price and product comparison service, PriceSpy shows that only 10 per cent percent of products are cheaper at the airport, compared to online.  PriceSpy studied Duty-free prices ...

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