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Focus: Breaking Travel News interview: Michael Newcombe, vice president, spa and wellness, Four Seasons

Global Wellness Day is taking place around the world, with organisations from across the hospitality sector lending their support to the event. An entirely not-for-profit social project dedicated to living well, the celebration encourages participants to ask how they can live a healthier life. Among the hospitality organisations taking part is Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts, with Michael Newcombe, vice ...

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A Drug Researcher Talks Michael Pollan’s Book, PTSD Treatment And Trump On LSD

The idea of using psychedelic drugs to expand consciousness or disrupt negative patterns of thinking had a well-documented moment in the 1950s and 1960s. Now it’s having a cultural revival. Podcast host PJ Vogt talked about secretly taking tiny doses of LSD to see if it would improve his work and life. Novelist Ayelet Waldman wrote about using microdoses of LSD ...

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Michael Jackson's Estate Is Not Happy About ABC's Special

The estate apparently released this statement after being told that ABC intended to use music, photos, artwork, logos, and other intellectual property for The Last Days of Michael Jackson. The incident was described as “disheartening” in the estate’s statement. ABC News released a statement in response to what Michael Jackson’s estate released. According to an ABC News spokesman (via Deadline), ...

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