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A New Program In California Makes The Case For Making Food A Medicaid Expense

Caren Latney was too weak to do simple household chores. The 51-year-old had been diagnosed with lung cancer and, as she began treatment, struggled to stand over her stove long enough to prepare a meal. She didn’t really want to eat, anyway ― her intensive chemotherapy and radiation left her nauseated and exhausted. But high-calorie, protein-rich meals are essential for ...

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Medicaid Expansion In Red Idaho Takes A Huge Step Forward

A long-shot bid to give voters in deeply conservative, strongly Republican Idaho the chance to decide whether the state should join the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion seems to have succeeded. Activists with Reclaim Idaho will submit signatures on Tuesday from Idaho residents who signed petitions to vote on expanding Medicaid, … Health

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Here's What Happens To Breast Cancer Diagnoses When Medicaid Is Rolled Back

Senators stand poised to vote on the Republican health care bill this week, which in its current form would slash the budget for Medicaid, the government program that cares for millions of uninsured Americans. The bill also would leave 22 million more Americans without health insurance by 2026, the Congressional Budget Office predicted on Monday. A new study, which found ...

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