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MAPPED: How does UK’s high blood pressure rate compare with Europe?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, affected about 15 per cent of people in the UK, aged 18 or over, in 2014, a report has revealed. That’s the lowest rate of high blood pressure in all 47 studied member countries of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), an organisation run by cardiovascular healthcare professionals. The average rate of hypertension was 24.2 ...

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MAPPED: These dangerous countries have the highest TERROR risk in the world

The countries with the greatest terror risk include Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan, according to data released by security specialists International SOS. The 2018 Travel Risk map ranks countries around the world from insignificant to extreme to measure their terrorism risk. It charts security threat levels throughout the world, in addition to the factors of medical and road safety. Iraq tops ...

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Mapped: THIS is the SAFEST country in the WHOLE of Europe

Norway is the safest country in Europe, according to the 2018 Travel Risk Map. The map data, produced by security specialists International SOS, finds Norway has the lowest security risk in Europe. It is closely followed by its fellow Scandinavian countries.  These include, in order, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Other countries to make the top seven include Switzerland (5), a ...

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MAPPED: Most dangerous countries REVEALED – check the risks of YOUR next holiday

Safe holiday destinations are at the forefront of every traveller’s mind with terror attacks across the globe attracting worldwide attention.  Security issues, particular at popular British tourist destinations like France, Spain and the US, can be worrying for holidaymakers.  Almost two in three global business leaders believe travelling has become more dangerous in the last year. The risk for Britons ...

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MAPPED: Alternative Europe city breaks to SAVE over £150 – which one will you pick?

For European city breaks, Britons tend to travel to the same well known hotspots year after year. These include capital cities, such as Stockholm in Sweden, Paris in Frances and Rome in Italy. However, travellers could benefit from travelling off the beaten path, according to data from FairFX. Through visiting less popular locations of your chosen country – like Lille ...

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MAPPED: Ten holiday destinations that are MORE affordable since Trump became President

Donald Trump became President of the United States a year today, after beating candidate Hillary Clinton. Since then, he has issued travel bans to various countries, causing concern for citizens both in the US and around the world. It has since been revealed that, despite the turmultous exchange rate, the pound has increased in certain countries, making them the ideal ...

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