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Back pain agony cure: One-off 10minute treatment helps cure lower back pain

Scientists have devised a one-off procedure which they claim provides long-term relief long-term relief for sufferers.  The procedure can take as little as 10 minutes and is painless.  Last night the team behind the study said they were extremely excited by the results.  In tests the majority of patients were pain-free after receiving the “image-guided pulsed radio frequency treatment” for ...

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Dementia cure? MARRIAGE could lower the risk of signs and symptoms developing

The study published today in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry suggests tying the knot can lower the risk of developing dementia.  Combining the results of 15 studies, including data on more than 800,000 participants, the new analysis finds that people who remain single are at a 42 per cent greater risk of developing dementia than people who are ...

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High blood pressure symptoms: 49p herb could lower risk of heart attacks

Oregano contains the chemical carvacrol, which can be used to reduce blood pressure, scientists have claimed. The herb, which can be bought from 49p, doesn’t contain sodium – a high blood pressure risk factor. Having high blood pressure puts extra stress on blood vessels, as well as vital organs, including the brain, kidneys and eyes. The condition – also known ...

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