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Can Warner Bros.’ Expensive, Long-Awaited ‘Justice League’ Deliver the Hit That DC Needs?

Warner Bros. is holding its breath as the studio prepares to unveil “Justice League” this weekend. The costly superhero team adventure carries a production budget of more than $ 250 million, according to several sources, and with it, the hope that DC’s interconnected cinematic universe of comic book heroes and villains can deliver huge audiences around the globe. When tens of millions of dollars ...

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Did N.E.R.D. Just Tease Their Long-Awaited Comeback?

NewsWritten by Emmy Mack on October 30, 2017 It looks like the wait between N.E.R.D. albums could be almost over now, almost over now. The internet is exploding with speculation that the Pharrell Williams-led rap-rock group are set to return with their first LP in eight years, based on a number of cryptic teasers. Artwork reading “No_one Ever Really Dies” ...

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PUBG Has Added Some Long-Awaited New Features

To that end, a recent PUBGblog post has announced that short objects will no longer be the impenetrable barriers they used to be. Players will not be able to quickly leap over or climb onto certain objects, allowing strategies to become a bit more complete. According to the update, almost any in-game feature that’s about 2.3 meters in height can ...

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