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Cheap flights: Trick means you will always pay the least expensive fare whenever you fly

Cheap flights can be a digital minefield, as airlines are constantly adjusting their fares. No one wants to pay through the nose to find that later on the same ticket is available for a much cheaper price. However, there is one little-known expert trick to help travellers pay the least expensive fare possible. Being savvy when it comes to your ...

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REVEALED: The world’s most and least religious countries – where does the UK come?

The countries where citizens seem themselves as religious (and not religious) have been revealed. According to the results of three polls from WIN/Gallup International, five countries – Ethiopia, Malawi, Niger, Sri Lanka and Yemen – are the world’s most religious countries, with a record 99 per cent of citizens feeling religious.  The surveys asked respondents whether they felt religious or ...

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Least powerful passport in the world 2018 REVEALED – with just 24 visa-free countries

The least powerful passport for 2018 has been revealed by a new study. Analysing how many countries can be visited visa-free, the ranking determined by Henley & Partners lists them in order from strongest to weakest. The most powerful passport was revealed to be Germany, with a whopping 177 countries being visa-free having recently added Belarus to the list. But ...

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