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HBO’s Watchmen Just Landed A DCEU Favorite

With Game of Thrones fast approaching its eighth and final season on the air, HBO is no doubt looking for another monster hit. And although Westworld seems to be impressing critics and fans, its slower production schedule is working against it. HBO is working on a few Game of Thrones spinoffs, as well as developing a new series based on ...

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The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Just Landed A New TV Show, So What Happens To Maggie?

In Whiskey Cavalier, Lauren Cohan will play a smart and fearless CIA agent by the name of Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge, who is better known in certain circles by her codename of “Fiery Tribune.” Frankie teams up with FBI Agent Will Chase (played by Scott Foley) in the aftermath of an emotional breakup. The duo must work together to lead a ...

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Plane MIRACLE: How a flight plunged 30,000 feet in three minutes and landed with NO deaths

A flight in 1985 defeated the odds after landing without any fatalities despite an accident in the air. The China Airlines Flight 006 was a non-stop journey from Taipei to Los Angeles when, on February 19, suffered an engine failure. This caused it to freefall for thousands of feet, suffering extreme g-force. But how was the captain able to recover ...

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