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The killer comedian inside Bill Hader makes 'Barry' the new HBO show to watch

Barry is repped, to use the appropriate show business term, by Fuches (Stephen Root), an old family friend whose cure for Barry’s post-military depression was to get him back killing people — for money. Fuches, who takes a large agent’s cut, calls this Barry’s “purpose.” But Barry, who has grown less sure of this, has lapsed back into depression and ...

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Alan Cumming's killer 'Instinct' strikes again as he ushers in a new CBS drama

“I was very conscious that it was portrayed in a very positive and non-stereotypical or caricatured way,” says Cumming, 53, who is an executive producer on “Instinct” and has been married to artist Grant Shaffer since 2012. The couple just finished converting their East Village townhouse, complete with bathrooms matching those at his favorite hotel, the Chateau Marmont. They recently ...

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