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What Marvel's Kevin Feige Really Thinks About Black Panther

It’s easy to see why Feige has such high praise for Black Panther. Thematically speaking, it’s almost certainly the best Marvel movie. It feels like it has something to say, and in an age when most superhero blockbusters typically fall short in this area, Black Panther a breath of fresh air. The film also boasts some truly impressive world-building, costumes, ...

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How Marvel’s Kevin Feige Feels About Captain Marvel Spoilers

Speaking of the photo itself, Kevin Feige’s comments to Vulture suggest that fans have already gotten to the bottom of the shot’s true nature. In the face of the backlash against how bizarre the suit initially looked to some casual fans, Feige believes the more knowledgeable Marvel aficionados were able to deduce the suit’s true nature. Feige does not explicitly ...

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‘Black Panther’: Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige on Casting Chadwick Boseman and Sequel Talk

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, first realized that “Black Panther” was more than just movie when the trailer debuted at Cinemacon last year to tears and cheers. It suddenly dawned on him that “we were doing something that people had been waiting their entire lives to see,” says Feige, who always looked up to onscreen heroes such as ...

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Kevin Gates Announces First Shows Since Prison Release

Kevin Gates has announced his first live shows since his release from prison. He’s set to perform at JMBLYA’s shows in Dallas, Austin, and Houston from May 4-6 alongside Migos, Cardi B, and others. He’ll be performing in Lansing, Michigan on July 8 at the Common Ground Music Festival. Gucci Mane, T-Pain, and other performers are also slated to play ...

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Kevin Hart on Trying to Get On Stage at Super Bowl: 'Don't Drink'

Kevin Hart admits he got a little turnt up while celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles beating the New England Patriots 41 to 33 at Sunday’s Super Bowl LII.  The 38-year-old comedian — who was born and raised in Philadelphia — enthusiastically attempted to get on stage during the team’s trophy ceremony but was denied access. Early Monday morning, Hart took to Instagram ...

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