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My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields on the Agony and Ecstasy of 'Loveless'

In the past few months, Kevin Shields nearly went bankrupt, as he pursued the seemingly Sisyphean task of making new, completely analog vinyl remasters of My Bloody Valentine‘s generation-defining albums, 1988’s Isn’t Anything? and 1991’s Loveless. “When we started, I was borrowing money from myself when I should have been paying tax bills,” the guitarist and vocalist, 54, tells Rolling Stone. ...

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My Kevin Can Wait Investigation Is Getting Scary

For the last eight weeks, I’ve been investigating the disappearance of Donna Gable, the loving mother and matriarch who mysteriously vanished at the end of Kevin Can Wait‘s first season. But as sometimes happens with high-stakes cases like this, the journalist has become part of the story. Two weeks ago, I received an email from someone claiming to be Donna, ...

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Christopher Plummer Opens Up About Taking Over Kevin Spacey's Role in 'All the Money in the World' (Exclusive)

Despite the cost of reshoots and the time it will take, Scott has been outspoken about wanting to have the film ready for its initial release date of Dec. 22. “Yeah, it’s quite a push,” Plummer said of the reshoot schedule, adding that they plan to start shooting next Monday. While fans wait to see the how the storied thespian ...

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Kevin Spacey's unprecedented fall from grace tests a stunned Hollywood

By Friday, Nov. 3, as more allegations surfaced, Netflix announced that the actor would no longer be involved in the final season of “House of Cards,” in which the actor has starred for five seasons as Machiavellian political leader Frank Underwood. Production had already been put on hold, but a decision on the show’s future — wi… ENTERTAINMENT – Los ...

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