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Joaquin Phoenix's 'Experimental' Joker Movie Is the Perfect Antidote to Suicide Squad

Things are, shall we say, in flux over at Warner Bros. and DC. They’re currently rethinking their strategy for the struggling DC Extended Universe. And meanwhile, they’re developing multiple Joker movies across separate universes. None of it quite makes sense at this point, but there is finally a little bit of good news: Joaquin Phoenix is officially playing the Joker ...

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Did Gotham Finally Reveal The Identity Of The Joker?

Anyway, after fisticuffs between Jim and Harvey and most of Jerome’s Legion of Horribles, the brothers faced off. Jerome indeed dropped the immortal Killing Joke-esque line about “one bad day” and promised to drive Xander crazy before killing him. In their face-off, Jerome revealed that Xander had claimed that Jerome tried to kill him as kids,… CinemaBlend Latest Content

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Wait, Could Gotham Still Make Jerome The Joker?

Jerome’s crazy laugh and face that has been rearranged on more than one occasion always brought the Joker to mind, to the point he would probably rank as one of the best Jokers ever if Gotham ever revealed that he truly is the Joker. In “One of My Three Soups,” Gotham went even further to give Jerome the Joker aesthetic ...

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