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Why Jack's Death On This Is Us Won't Matter Too Much

After all, This is Us isn’t as much about Jack and Rebecca Pearson as it’s about their children. Jack’s death has certainly been an interesting mystery to follow, but at the end of the day, the information gained in it is far more interesting. After all, the how and why he died has shaped the Pearson children all along, and ...

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This Is Us Just Dropped A Big Clue About Jack's Death

Smoke detector speculation aside, This Is Us definitely teased that Jack’s death is just around the corner. If only Jack had remembered the batteries, this whole thing might have been avoided! Instead, Jack was hanging with Miguel, imparting life lessons onto his sons in a mall food court, and buying Kevin a suit he’ll likely wear to his father… CinemaBlend ...

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This Is Us Just Revealed A Big Secret From Jack's Past

Jack’s brother, who he calls “Nicky”, has never before been mentioned by This Is Us, which is weird considering he would be The Big Three’s uncle as well as Rebecca’s brother-in-law. As of now, the only thing we really know about Nicky comes from Jack looking at a picture of the two with an army unit in a location that ...

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