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Airlines to allow passengers to carry KNIVES onboard – but not this common bath item

Passengers travelling on Canadian and international flights from the country will now be able to take a knife with them onboard. New rules from Transport Canada states that blades up to “six centimetres in length” are to be allowed within their hand luggage. The new rules are to follow on from changes regarding the security of flights, stating it is ...

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Revealed: Packing THIS popular Christmas item could get you BARRED from flying

If you are flying to visit family this Christmas, you should definitely double check with airline regulations about banned items. This is because some of the most popular festive things – like Christmas crackers – are among the restricted items under packing regulations. Under heightened security measures, airlines such as Ryanair, Etihad, Emirates and Norwegian Airlines have all banned Christmas ...

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Google Maps: You won’t BELIEVE what hilarious item is for SALE in this street view footage

Google Maps footage has a habit of highlighting unbelievable scenarios around the world. Because it offers an insight into different countries, we often see things that are uncommon in our local area. A viral image highlighting a horse manure sale in New Zealand is a prime example of this. It seems someone is trying to flog their horse’s manure for ...

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