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It's Suddenly Cool to Break This Style “Rule”

Remember those days when wearing jewelry to the beach was considered a faux pas? (You probably do because it wasn’t that long ago.) Since the beach and pool are relaxed environments, and water, sand, and the hot sun are present, jewelry isn’t exactly the most practical way to accessorize your swimsuit. But it’s an “extra” world we live… Celebrity Style ...

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So Many Watchmen Fans Have No Idea What It's Really About

Every so often, a pop culture phenomenon emerges that so deeply impacts the formative minds of young men that it completely reshapes the way they perceive the world around them. When Alan Moore’s Watchmen arrived on shelves back in 1986, the elusive author likely had no idea that his 12-issue DC series would have such a lasting influence among comic ...

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Kim Kardashian Wished Kanye West A Happy Anniversary And, Fine, It's Pretty Cute

Anything related to Kanye West these days comes with a massive caveat due to his still-unfolding Twitter meltdown (side note: please, PLEASE stop), but if there’s one saving grace, it’s his relationship with Kim Kardashian. It’s been four years since the couple’s lavish Italian wedding, which was somewhat su… Celebrity – Latest News, Photos and Videos

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