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Is Airline Ticket Insurance A Total Ripoff?

Buying a plane ticket is fraught with headaches, so by the time most travelers see the option to add trip insurance at the end of the booking process, they aren’t willing to spend much brainpower mulling the decision. Some may instinctively click “no,” not wanting to be

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Insider Tips On How To File A Travel Insurance Claim

If you’re reading this, chances are something horrible has happened while you’re on vacation ― a health scare, a disruption, even an unexpected death. Maybe you’ve phoned your travel insurance company and the wheels are now in motion for a claim. And you’re wondering: What now? I’ve written … Travel – Top Destinations, Vacation Ideas

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How to make sure your camera is NEVER stolen on holiday if you don’t have travel insurance

We all want to capture beautiful pictures on our holidays so we can remember the trip, but many travellers are afraid to take expensive equipment abroad for fear it is stolen. Travel insurance could cover the cost of a lost camera, but you want to keep hold of your particular model. Plus, SD cards containing precious memories are also stolen, ...

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Ryanair cancelled flights WARNING: Why travel insurance does NOT cover the cancellations

Ryanair has agreed to pay eligible customers flight compensation, a bill which could mount to £18 million.  But many customers will be disappointed to find their travel insurance policies do not cover the cancellations.  Travel Insurance Explained has warned travellers about their limited rights in relation to the Ryanair crisis.  Fiona Macrae of Travel Insurance Explained, said: “The majority of ...

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