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The Surprising Way Far Cry Primal Inspired Far Cry 5

There’s the cultist-killing, gun-grabbing dog, obviously, but you can also get assistance from folks like a local crop pilot, an armed priest and a woman who doesn’t take too kindly to seeing her town overrun by a bunch of terrorists. Folks like these will be available to lend a hand, presumably after you’ve met them and done a few things ...

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Kim Kardashian on How the Aftermath of Her Robbery Inspired Her New Crystal Gardenia Fragrance (Exclusive)

The fragrance is representative of what’s currently important to Kim. “I thought my favorite things — the things that are the most precious to me right now — and what’s important in life is to be totally calm and safe and feel like I’m going through this healing process,” she explained. “And [I thought] I’m going to bring that into ...

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