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Idris Elba Wants A Bigger Role With Marvel

Idris Elba admits to Entertainment Weekly that he likes the fact that his role as Heimdall in the Thor films has been small, as it has allowed him to take other projects that he wants to do, but it seems that, at the same time, he would be more than happy to take on a bigger role if it were ...

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Idris Elba Has Basically Given Up on Ever Playing Bond

Now that Daniel Craig has signed on for at least one more James Bond film after two years of uncertainty, Idris Elba has thrown in the towel on the likelihood of ever nabbing the role. Elba and Tom Hiddleston are the two names who were most frequently mentioned in fan circles while Craig’s return hung in the balance, but Hiddleston ...

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The Big Reason Idris Elba Signed On For The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower is an adaptation, but it’s an adaptation that we haven’t really seen before. Like I already said, fans have been waiting to see The Dark Tower debut on the silver screen ever since the first books hit shelves back in the 1980s. Despite the apparent homage that someone like Roland pays to classic western heroes such as ...

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