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Cancer warning: These FIVE unlikely household items could be raising YOUR risk of symptoms

Cancer kills approximately 20,000 people a day around the world, and many cases are preventable. According to the World Health Organization, the majority of cancer deaths are caused by lung, breast, bowel, stomach and liver types. Smoking, obesity and drinking too much alcohol are all known to increase your risk of cancer. However, certain unlikely and seemingly harmless household items ...

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Eczema flare-ups linked to THIS household issue – is it making YOUR symptoms worse?

Hard water can exacerbate symptoms of eczema, according to a new study. There are 13 billion households in the UK supplied with hard water, including much of the south, south east and midlands. Researchers at the University of Sheffield and King’s College London have found that this type of water damages the protective skin barrier, leading to the skin condition. ...

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Why you should always take a picture of THIS household item before going on holiday

Holidaymakers can often worry if they have left their home safe and secure before a holiday. From making sure the doors are locked and the windows are shut, it can be nerve-wracking when feeling there is something that hasn’t been done. However, hack website Lifehacker has revealed a simple way to get over this fear before heading abroad. It can ...

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