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Here’s What THX’s Iconic Audio Trademark Looks Like as Musical Notation

In 1982, Lucasfilm employee James Moorer composed a piece of music that’s since become a staple of the film-going experience: “Deep Note” is the audio trademark of the George Lucas-founded high fidelity sound company THX. The theme, which is frequently referenced and satirized for sounding extremely loud, debuted in theaters for the first time before 1983’s Star Wars: Return of ...

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Here’s What Solo's Surprise Ending Means for the Future of Star Wars

Spoiler warning, obviously. Of all the villains who could have made an appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story—Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, Greedo—Darth Maul was the one fans least expected. Yes, that absolutely was Darth Maul, the red, horned, Dathomirian Sith lord from The Phantom Menace. So here are all your questions answered about how this is possible. Advertisement ...

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