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Ditch pills to beat heart disease

In an attack on the health establishment, the group of experts suggest rates of heart disease and diabetes could tumble. And it could save tens of millions of lives and the NHS billions of pounds. They say official nutritional advice must be ignored and GPs challenged about their tendency to blithely dish out pills such as statins. Consultant cardiologist Dr ...

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Heart attack risk 'deadlier' in winter

The risk of dying in the six coldest months was almost 50 per cent higher, the study found. Researchers revealed that 20 per cent of heart attack patients died within 30 days over the summer months, but that figure rose to 28 per cent in winter. In colder weather the body has to work harder to keep warm, causing blood ...

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Blood test detects heart attack in minutes

The new blood test analyses a cardiac protein – cMyC – whose levels increase rapidly after a heart attack. People currently suspected of a heart attack are tested for a different protein – troponin – when they arrive in A&E and again three hours later. But on-the-spot blood tests on more than 700 patients found that cMyC was present 95 ...

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