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One Funny Thing That Happened Between Brie Larson And Mark Ruffalo On The Avengers 4 Set

After being an important member of the Marvel superhero community for nearly five decades, Carol Danvers is now only a few years away from making her theatrical debut. Following in the footsteps of Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain Marvel will be a period piece, with Carol obtaining her special abilities in the 1990s. Given that Avengers 4 take place ...

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What Really Happened At Standing Rock

On Thursday, November 16, 210,000 gallons of oil leaked from the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota. We should have seen it coming. If we had listened to the environmental activists and indigenous people who have put their bodies and well-being on the line for years — and, most notably, at Standing Rock reservation last year — to adamantly warn us ...

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