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ITV Studios Global Ent. To Handle Movistar+ Original ‘Felix’

Confirming the large interest of Europe’s foremost TV sales houses in handling original series produced by Telefonica’s Movistar+, ITV Studios Global Ent. has acquired international distribution rights to Cesc Gay’s drama “Felix.” Starring Argentina’s Leonardo Sbaraglia, “Felix” forms part of Movistar+’s ambitious original production plans, which sees an annual investment of €70 million ($ 83… Variety

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REVEALED: Planes have THIS secret handle during emergencies – have you spotted it?

Planes must always evacuate in an emergency within 90 seconds. This is dictated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), who only allow an airline to fly if they pass this timing. Airlines must have procedures in place to allow this to happen, with training courses constantly reevaluating evacuation times. There is also a secret handle many may not realise exists ...

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How NCIS Will Handle That Big Cast Departure

The “special send-off” should be reassuring to any who were afraid that Abby would be simply removed from the narrative. As unlikely as it is for such a major character to exit without a fuss, there’s precedent on television in the last couple of years. Hotch was written off of Criminal Minds after many years as lead due to the ...

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How Terminator 6 Will Handle Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Age

So if Arnold Schwarzenegger played one of those rubber-skinned Terminator models (like the ones seen in Terminator: Salvation), then things might be more difficult. However, since a Terminator’s exterior remains concealed by living tissue over its metal body, Terminator 6 can easily sidestep any questions about decay, scars, or natural signs of aging that have occurred on the former bodybuilder ...

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How Halloween Should Handle Michael Myers

Remember That He’s A Child In A Man’s Body Although Michael Myers gets older with each passing installment in the Halloween franchise, it is worth remembering that he does not mentally or emotionally evolve in any way, shape, or form. For all intents and purposes, Michael stopped maturing the moment he stabbed his sister Judith on Halloween night in 1963, ...

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Historical art or racist propaganda? How should Hollywood handle problematic classics like 'Gone With the Wind'?

On the same night that white supremacist groups marched with torches and Nazi chants on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in preparation for the next day’s Unite the Right rally, the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, Tenn., screened “Gone With the Wind” as part of its annual summer classics series. Two weeks later, after receiving many online ...

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