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Brain condition warning: THIS neurological disorder is set to grow FASTER than Alzheimer’s

Brain, spine and nerve conditions are collectively known as neurological disorders, and commonly include Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis. However, another type of neurological disorder is set to overtake the already high rate of Alzheimer’s growth within decades, according to scientists.  Parkinson’s disease, in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over the years, will outpace the leading ...

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Eyesight breakthrough: Scientists develop new way to grow human corneas

Experts have grown artificial corneas on a curved surface meaning the cells arrange themselves in a lattice-like structure.  The process takes three months improving the quality and transparency of the cornea.  Work by experts at Newcastle University and the University of California is significant because there is a huge shortage of donated corneas.  The crisis has worsened as corneas cannot ...

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Atomega Is A New FPS From The Team Behind Grow Home

All of that bonkers lore aside, the game actually looks super interesting. You start out as a single block with barely a lick of power. As you collect extra blocks lying around the arena, you become more complicated in form, evolving to a little raptor-looking thing and on up to a massive humanoid brute. We imagine there are other forms ...

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News: Lagos slumps as African aviation continues to grow

A recession in Nigeria has forced Arik Air to cut capacity An analysis of seat capacity for travel to the top ten international airports in Africa, produced by ForwardKeys, reveals that Lagos is seeing substantial declines in both domestic and international capacity. The trend is mainly attributable to Arik Air, with the domestic carrier cutting 53 per cent of its ...

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