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Focus: 5 tips to save money when travelling in Greece

Greece is a beautiful country with breathtaking islands and rich culture. Numerous people traverse land and sea to visit Greece and see the amazing sceneries that the country has to offer. More than 30 million tourists have visited Greece this year alone. Santorini, one of Greece’s exquisite islands, boasts of the highest share of visitors – around 10% of the ...

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Scottish author paid £46 for flight to Greece – and got an empty plane to HERSELF

The Scottish author booked the flights with Jet2 for just £46, heading to Crete, Greece from Glasgow Airport on Sunday. When the 57-year-old got to the airport, she was told that just three people were booked onto the end-of-season flight, including herself. To her surprise, the other two passengers failed to turn up and so had the entire 189-seat plane ...

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