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The Detective Pikachu Movie Has Added Another Great Star

So it’s pretty clear that the level of Japanese gravitas in Detective Pikachu just went through the roof. Ken Watanabe has officially signed on to portray a character named Detective Yoshida in Rob Letterman’s Detective Pikachu, which is expected to begin shooting later this month. Not much else has been revealed about the Academy Awar… CinemaBlend Latest Content

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Makes a Great Gift, “We are Woodstock” the Novel. It Tells a Love Story at the Greatest Concert of the Hippie Movement.

The Woodstock Festival: 3 Days of Peace & Music Through the pages of this historical, fictional, autobiographical novel of the Woodstock Festival, the author will send you back in time to that very weekend. A love story that takes place at the Woodstock Festival.” — Glenn Eldridge HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2017 /

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Elementary Season 6 Just Got Some Surprisingly Great News From CBS

The series extension is particularly great for all involved, since these eight additional episodes will elevate Season 6 to a full season order. Granted, that’s still three episodes below the typical episode count for past Elementary seasons, but it certainly makes a Season 7 renewal feel more like a real possibility. The mystery show, which has seen its viewership fall ...

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