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‘Get Out’ and the Golden Globes: A Lesson Not to Laugh At

It’s easy enough to mock — or maybe get on your high horse about — the fact that “Get Out,” Jordan Peele’s brilliantly creepy and enthralling lightning-rod racial thriller, is now in the running to be nominated for Best Comedy or Musical, rather than Best Drama, at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. The movie, of course, is neither a comedy ...

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The Weird Way Get Out Is Competing At The Golden Globes

While Get Out may have had some light moments peppered throughout the beginning, it didn’t take long for the intensity and scares to ramp up, making it puzzling why it’s not being entered as a straight drama. However, like the report said, Get Out will presumably have an easier time garnering attention if it’s entered as a comedy/musical as opposed ...

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