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Peter Garrett Ripped Into Opera-Loving Paul Keating At Midnight Oil’s Sydney Gig

NewsWritten by Emmy Mack on November 12, 2017 The Beds were Burning at Midnight Oil’s monster gig at Sydney’s Domain on Saturday night, and so were former Prime Minister Paul Keating’s ears. That’s because Peter Garrett used the opportunity to clap back at some of the ex-PM’s recent comments, slagging the band’s historic reunion shows at the venue. As

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Who Behaved The Worst On Siesta Key: Kelsey Or Garrett?

It’s no surprise that Kelsey and Garrett were headed to Splitsville long before their actual breakup. Their relationship issues came to a head during the Kompothecras’ Gatsby gala, at which point the new girl in town allegedly hooked up with Alex — and when asked about it, denied anything happened. Kelsey and Garrett later agreed to take a break, and the ...

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