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Fashioned From Nature: 9 Fascinating Fabrics of the Future

What if there was a way to have fashion without compromise? It’s often easier not to think about what goes into the making of what we wear—most of it happens very far away by people we’ll never meet, and millions of dollars each year are spent training shoppers to think about brand and style first and foremost without asking… Celebrity ...

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At Coachella, the future of rap is female

She’s a versatile, imaginative talent with a knack for shape shifting. Last week, she delivered a set that was steeped in East Coast rap, bounce, emo, noise-rap and house that offered a strong counter to the more traditional showmanship from ladies like Kamaiyah and Dej Loaf. … ENTERTAINMENT – Los Angeles Times

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A Perfect Circle Talk Coachella Memories, Band's Future

Maynard James Keenan travels light on the road. For the last 12 years, his main companion has been Miho, a tiny Yorkie currently asleep in his trailer backstage at Coachella, hours before A Perfect Circle hits the stage. Keenan’s history with the California desert music festival goes all the way back to its debut in 1999, when Tool headlined the ...

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