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'The Disaster Artist' Review: James Franco Takes on Worst Movie Ever – and Wins

Director, producer, actor – James Franco is firing on all creative cylinders in The Disaster Artist, and it’s telling that this restlessly inventive star (his critics are always bitching that Franco tries to do too much) is giving everything he has to a movie about … the worst filmmaker of the 21st century. We’re talking about Tommy Wiseau, whose 2003 feature ...

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How ‘Disaster Artist's’ James Franco found art and heart in ‘The Room,’ the ‘Citizen Kane’ of bad movies

Four years ago, during the making of “The Interview,” the North Korea-provoking comedy that would go on to flirt notoriously with history in its own unpredictable, stranger-than-fiction ways, James Franco found the strange and vaguely Eastern European patois of cult movie icon Tommy Wiseau spilling out of his mouth. It was a distinctive,… ENTERTAINMENT – Los Angeles Times

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Why James Franco Wishes He Didn't Host The Oscars

But even if James Franco was only able to focus on being a co-host, and NOT on potentially winning his first Oscar, there’s no denying that his interactions with Anne Hathaway were just clunky and off for the entire evening. Even though, in the Variety profile that touches on this interaction, Franco says that they had no idea that they ...

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James Franco on ‘The Disaster Artist’ and How He Conquered His Fear of Failure

James Franco is almost over the hill. On a recent Los Angeles afternoon, as he climbs up a steep path on a hike to Griffith Observatory, he starts ruminating about his life. “I realize, ‘James, you’re 40,’” says the actor, who is actually 39. “I have achieved all the things that I dreamed when I was younger. And realizing, ‘Oh, those things are not ...

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James Franco Terrorized Haunted House Visitors With His Best Shining Impression

What’s scarier than James Franco coming at you with an ax? James Franco coming at you with an ax dressed as Jack Nicholson’s iconically creepy character from The Shining, complete with nightmarish mask and blood-curdling scream. That’s what. As a part of Universal Studios’ Horror Nights, the theme park recreated The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel, complete with a door bearing REDRUM ...

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