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Google Maps: Pile of BODIES dumped on rubbish bin in terrifying footage

Google Maps is a useful tool for those looking to get to know a neighbourhood. However, in this case, users may wish it didn’t work so well – revealing the terrifying possibility of deadly crime. Viewed from afar, this rubbish bin scene looks relatively normal: simply a pile of overflowing litter. However, up close, it resembles something more spooky altogether: ...

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Google Maps: ALIEN sighting on street view footage – but it’s STRANGER than you think

Google Maps is well known for revealing parts of the world that may go unnoticed.  In the past, it has shown us strange occurrences in different countries, like a group of Japanese citizens dressed in pigeons hats.  However, this newly unveiled image is something even more bizarre. The image depicts an alien sitting in broad daylight on a chair – ...

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