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Black Friday 2017: Ryanair launch MASSIVE flight sale with 100,000 seats – from just £4.99

Ryanair’s huge Black Friday sale has started this week, with 100,000 seats in the promotion. For seven days, the low-cost airline is launching promotions such as cheap flights and 20 per cent off bags all week. For today only, Ryanair is selling flights from just £4.99 one way. Flights on offer can be used for travelling in January, perfect for ...

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The One Thing You Can Do Ahead Of Time To Avoid A Canceled Flight

The trick: Before booking, check the route’s on-time performance. It takes two seconds (we like using FlightStats, but individual airline sites are also required to publish this information) and could potentially save you a whole lot of hassle. Why it’s helpful: Let’s say you’re planning a trip from New York City to Knoxville. A quick check on FlightStats r… Travel ...

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Flight news: Why THIS is much more dangerous than turbulence, according to pilots

In flight turbulence is an aviation phenomenon where the flight becomes bumpy due to changes in the air pressure outside. Often, it causes the aircraft to start shaking uncontrollably.  It is especially bad news for nervous passengers who have a fear of flying. However, while generally turbulence is not dangerous, pilots fear updrafts much more.  An updraft is a phenomenon ...

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Flight secrets: Can you get sunburnt whilst on a plane?

Flights can cause a lot of health problems for passengers such as DVT and migraines. With the changes in pressure and high altitude, it comes as no surprise that the body can struggle to adjust. What many may not realise is that being closer to the sun, passengers be affected by the UV rays during a flight. Therefore putting on ...

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British Airways flight had ALL engines fail due to volcanic ash – and SURVIVED

Volcanic ash previously caused chaos to millions of passengers after the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland erupted in 2010, with another threatening to erupt imminently. A British Airways flight was also affected by volcanic ash in 1982, which caused all four engines to fail. This then meant that the plane was flying with no working engines, after flying over Mount Galunggung ...

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