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Flight from HELL: Child screams for eight hours straight on New York bound flight 

Dreams of a peaceful flight where shattered when a three-year old boy described as “demonic” and “out of control” screamed for the entirety of an eight-hour flight. The Lufthansa flight was headed to Newark Liberty International Airport when the incident occurred.  The tantruming toddler was filmed by New York based artist Shane Townley, and a video titled ‘demonic child screams ...

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Plane MIRACLE: How a flight plunged 30,000 feet in three minutes and landed with NO deaths

A flight in 1985 defeated the odds after landing without any fatalities despite an accident in the air. The China Airlines Flight 006 was a non-stop journey from Taipei to Los Angeles when, on February 19, suffered an engine failure. This caused it to freefall for thousands of feet, suffering extreme g-force. But how was the captain able to recover ...

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Flight attendant reveals scary moment two planes almost crash with passengers ‘screaming’

Flight attendants have revealed many secrets over the years regarding life 30,000 feet in the air. What many may not realise is that they aren’t just there to serve passengers, but are mainly onboard for safety and keeping passengers calm. One flight attendant has revealed the terrifying moment they realised they were about to crash into another plane when landing. ...

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Breitling CEO Axed Unsuitable Ads Featuring Women in Shorts and Flight Suits

ZURICH, Switzerland — The new chief executive of Switzerland’s Breitling watch company said he has ended advertisements with some featuring women in shorts and flight suits catering to pilots of World War II-era fighter planes on grounds they were inappropriate. Some of the ads portrayed women acting as ground support for male pilots flying P-51 Mustang airplanes. Chief executive Georges ...

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