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Is The Flash Trying To Kill Caitlin Off Soon?

Hmmm…OK, well, this does not look good for Caitlin at all, am I right? I mean, seriously, if Iris is still in charge of Team Flash (and it seems that she is) and she has to choose between saving someone who is only slightly more than a work friend and saving her fiancee, I’m pretty sure most people would put ...

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How The Flash Just Advanced The Thinker Plot In A Huge Way

The surprise came when Team Flash didn’t discover a supervillain, his crony, and his high tech lair at the address. Instead, the Mechanic was dressed and styled like a civilian, and she opened the door of what looked like a perfectly normal suburban house. She was joined by her wheelchair-bound husband Clifford, who just so happened to be the Thinker ...

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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Flash Their Wedding Bands, Talk Khal Drogo vs. Aquaman (Exclusive)

“There hasn’t been a lot time to do that kind of investigating,” Bonet said. “No, I’ve been doing press!” Momoa agreed. “I’ve been in China. I’ve been to London. I’ve been in interviews and haven’t had the chance to stalk someone down and find them yet. But I will!” Bonet called their marriage the “next level” showing off their matching ...

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