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Take a brow – frame your face with flattering eyebrows

Every time I let a professional loose on my eyebrows, they tell me I’m over-plucking in between the brows, even if I haven’t touched a single hair for months. The thing is, when you have too much of the fluffy stuff you can whip it away, whether tweezing, waxing or threading is your epilation method of preference. When there’s not ...

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Prince Harry: Does Meghan Markle’s fiance do THIS to eyebrows? Ginger royal’s SHOCK secret

Prince Harry, 33, is engaged to Meghan Markle, 36, and an expert believes the actress has influenced his eyebrows routine. The ginger royal has naturally pale, fine eyebrows, which blend in with his pale skin – but his brows look much darker in recent photos. This was noticeable yesterday when Prince Harry was said to raise his eyebrows at Meghan following ...

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Five moments when Matt Lauer's on-air behavior raised eyebrows

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