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Can Warner Bros.’ Expensive, Long-Awaited ‘Justice League’ Deliver the Hit That DC Needs?

Warner Bros. is holding its breath as the studio prepares to unveil “Justice League” this weekend. The costly superhero team adventure carries a production budget of more than $ 250 million, according to several sources, and with it, the hope that DC’s interconnected cinematic universe of comic book heroes and villains can deliver huge audiences around the globe. When tens of millions of dollars ...

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Ryanair and Monarch flights: Will the recent chaos make YOUR holiday more expensive?

Ryanair’s flight cancellation has affected thousands of passengers, with 18,000 flights cancelled from November to March. Many travellers have been left stranded abroad, without refunds or simply kept in the dark reading their flights and alternative options. And with Monarch Airlines going bust, putting another 800,000 travellers at risk with no flights and lost money, it has seen a huge ...

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