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Could doing too much exercise KILL you? This many hours puts you at risk of heart disease

White men who work out at least seven-and-a-half hours a week are nearly twice as likely to suffer from heart disease than those who do a moderate amount, a new study shows. Researchers in Chicago compared 25 year exercise patterns and made the surprising discovery that very active white men are 86 per cent more likely to experience a buildup ...

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Heart disease risk ‘INCREASED by doing MORE exercise’

Despite scientists expecting to find heart disease risk was higher in those that exercise less, they found white men were more likely to suffer the condition if they exercised more. They also found that the odds of heart disease didn’t increase in black men that exercised more; only in white men. White men were 86 per cent more likely to ...

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One hour of exercise a week can prevent depression

A landmark study led by the Black Dog Institute has revealed that regular exercise of any intensity can prevent future depression – and just one hour can help. Published today in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the results show even small amounts of exercise can protect against depression, with mental health benefits seen regardless of age or gender. In the largest ...

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Thirty minutes of exercise is the secret to living longer

A brisk walk, a workout in the gym or tackling the household chores all have the same positive effect, scientists have said. The life-lengthening effects of brisk activity are confirmed in a new study of 130,000 people which found the more exercise they did, the lower their risk of heading for an early grave. It found short, regular bouts of ...

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