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How to live longer: THIS much exercise could boost life expectancy by YEARS

Exercising for 150 minutes a week – the current Government recommendations – could extend your life by more than three years, according to health and life insurer Vitality. Ninety minutes of activity weekly increased life span by 2.7 years, on average, while an hour of exercise a week could extend lives by about 2.4 years, it added. Time constraints and ...

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Men DO urinate more frequently with age – but THIS quick exercise can support the bladder

The pelvic floor is often linked to pregnant women, but men need to strengthen the muscles too, according to Consultant Urologist, Neil Halder. Both men and women can benefit from doing simple pelvic floor exercises. Pelvic floor muscles help to stop incontinence, treat prolapse and can make sex better. You can feel your pelvic floor if you try to stop ...

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