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Katy Perry Embraces Being a 'Secret Kardashian' While Meeting Kim Backstage at Concert — See the Pics!

Perry hasn’t been shy about her love for the Kardashians, gushing to ET about the famous family at the 2015 Met Gala.  “Listen, Kris Jenner is very important to me,” Perry confessed. “That is not sarcastic at all. She has a great sense of humor and she’s kind of like the mother of everyone.” “I was thinking the other day, ...

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Sarah Gadon embraces the ambiguity of Margaret Atwood's 'Alias Grace'

Sarah Gadon is not your typical young Hollywood star. For starters, she lives in Toronto. She also made a name for herself not by starring in blockbuster sequels but in the idiosyncratic films of David Cronenberg (“A History of Violence,” “Eastern Promises”). And she’s the type who, over a lengthy FaceTime interview, expounds not on her latest juice cleanse but ...

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Miley Cyrus Embraces 'Wrecking Ball,' Reveals How She Got in Trouble on 'The Voice' in New 'Carpool Karaoke'

Laughing, Cyrus recalled how the crash was so bad it shattered her window and she ended up having to get a rental car. “I had to go back the next day!” Cyrus continued, explaining that she didn’t want to raise anyone’s suspicions, so she called up her manager to try and get a new parking spot farther from the set. ...

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