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Gym workout warning: Over-wearing sweaty kit could cause THIS embarrassing problem

Gym exercise is best done in streamlined, fitted clothing that allows you to move freely. While tight cycling shorts have been popular for decades, working out in compression leggings, or ‘tights’, has grown in popularity among men in recent years. They’re said to improve blood flow to muscles, which could help improve fitness, and they’re commonly worn by male gym-oers ...

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British Airways flight to Athens takes 33 hours and FOUR planes in ‘embarrassing’ ordeal

British Airways (BA) has apologised to passengers who were caught up in the ordeal which began on Tuesday last week.  The flight time from London to Athens is less than four hours, but this journey lasted eight times longer. A faulty cockpit warning light caused the first flight, due to depart at 1.15pm, to be cancelled at Heathrow.  But that ...

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'Is the Eiffel Tower in Italy?' Google’s most embarrassing travel searches REVEALED

It appears many of us did not pay enough attention in geography class, if Google’s most popular travel searches are anything to go by.  Research by travel money providers, The Money Shop, has revealed some embarrassing shortcomings in knowledge of the world’s most iconic sights.  Official analytics from the past 12 months revealed the popular questions typed into the search ...

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